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Whether you host retreats, operate a yoga studio, write blog posts, offer construction services, or are ready to launch your product line with an e-commerce store, we have got you covered. We have experience building custom websites and graphics to enhance your online presence.

Our Services

Your online presence is often your first chance to make an impression with potential customers. Our graphics make an impact!

Website Development

We provide stunning, responsive websites using the latest themes and designs. We guide you through the process and take care of all the details, making your life easier. We also offer ongoing site maintenance and support.

Graphic Design

We design what you need to inspire and inform your potential clients about your unique products and services. We provide logo design, posters, brochures, business cards, advertisements, product packaging, and anything else you can imagine.

Technical Support

We provide support, troubleshooting, and tutoring for all of your technical questions and needs, from basic to complex. Our research skills allow us to assist you in your challenges across platforms and on a variety of applications.

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Who we are 

Nila and Noor are the co-founders of InJoy Designs and have over 20 years of combined digital art experience. They are freedom-loving explorers who find inspiration by living life on life’s terms. Their life and work are constantly evolving and expanding to the next level. Rarely in one place for too long, these two enjoy living with the volume and brightness to the max…letting it all in.


our Work

 We love what we do and it shows. From simple to complex projects, engaging in the creative process is all about finding joy and flow. Enjoy a few of our favorite projects.

Our Clients

Connecting with clients allows us to resonate with and amplify the potential of each project. We never know exactly where the creative process will take us together and there is joy in the unfolding.

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“InJoy Designs helped me get my website off the ground! I’ve been creating my own websites for years, but was navigating some new software and really needed some professional help to get started.

Noor has a calm and clear presence and was able to offer a lot of sound advice. He created the skeleton of my site and I was very pleased with the result. He listened to what I wanted and made some key recommendations which inspired my creative process.

Having worked with Nila and Noor before, I can vouch that they are trustworthy and reliable, as well as graphically talented. Just take a look at their portfolio. Such beautiful and functional designs!”

Georgia Simone

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“Nila has created beautiful pieces of artwork for my events and coaching programs and is currently working on a branding logo for my business. I would highly recommend her services – and actually I do refer anyone who is looking for graphic design work to her. Nila is incredible to work with – very professional, friendly, and she truly cares about capturing the essence of your ideal.”

Mary Rogers

Our Process

Every creative project begins with the first step…



We start by learning about you, your business, and your ideas so that we can begin to create a vision for your project together. We can connect by phone or email. We can provide a questionnaire, if needed, to help you zero in on the essential information that we need to begin creating.



Then, we learn about the technical aspects of your project. We consider every piece of functionality and how we combine this with efficiency, ease, and flow for the end user. We like to create easy, user-friendly and mobile website for our clients.



Next, we collect everything we need to begin. We guide you to select websites, images, and colors that you like most so that we have an idea of your style preferences. You also provide all of the known content, including copy and photos.



With everything that we have learned in the previous three steps, we happily dive into the creative process which we really enjoy. When this step is complete, we send you a draft to review so that you may provide feedback and revisions.




At this step, we are ready to receive your feedback on all areas of your site. We receive this information, implement changes and refine the details, bringing your project into life with full functionality.



The excitement builds. Your project is ready, and the last step is the final testing process. This is where we ensure that the site is running seamlessly. Once we complete testing, we hand the project over to you to release it into the world!

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Connect with us in the way that works best for you. We offer free 15 minute consultations on projects to allow you a chance to get to know us and see if we are a good fit. 

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