From Our Clients

Joining with our clients in the creative process is an adventure into the unknown. We never know exactly where the journey will take us together and there is joy in the unfolding.

Injoy Designs provides friendly, fast, and thorough website optimization. I was treated very well with a lot of patience and no hint of pretentiousness as I pieced together and communicated what I needed. I really injoyed working with Noor and look forward to working with him more in the future.

Tiffany Chen

Nila has been a fantastic help to me. She redesigned my website so that it looks and works in a beautiful and professional manner and helps me generously when I get stuck with any technical details. Plus, her beautiful designs of our flyers have made a huge difference in our marketing success. I am blessed and grateful to have found her!

Maeve Fry

I hired Noor Grewal for strategic help with my WordPress blog and could not be more pleased. He completely updated and reformatted my existing website, including assistance with web hosting and domain names. He is now developing another website for my consulting services. He is skilled, professional, friendly, and works with me every step of the way to personalize it to my preferences. He also scheduled time to explain how to maximize traffic to my blog through SEO optimization and walked me through the back end of things to ensure I was comfortable working within the new format. Highly, highly recommend his services!

Mary Rogers



Nila and Noor are such a power team for all your graphic design, website building, and technical support. Everyone that sees my logo for the first time always compliments it, and I was floored by the skill of Nila to create such a beautiful design based on my vision.

She also helped me make the most beautiful labels for my products, and her artistic gifts took my vision to another level.

Noor has always been so responsive and treated my concerns with priority and works to find solutions.
Together they are a team full of talent, integrity, and skills.

Seva Ayurveda

Our non-profit has been completely satisfied with Noor and InJoy Designs! Their professionalism and knowledge made it really easy for the design of our website! Totally pleased!

Victoria Bliss

Working with Nila to create an invitation was a delightful experience. She demonstrated a mastery and confidence in the programs she used and attention to detail throughout every step of the process. Her ease and grace of presence and a true openness to understand what it was I desired made it so easy. The invitation was praised by many who received it, and the guest of honor framed it!

Andria Cox

I asked Nila to create a logo for my fashion design business, and I presented her with a few ideas. She got back to me quickly and, with a little fine-tuning, presented me with an amazing logo that embodied everything I was hoping. Nila was great to work with, and I'm very happy with the results.

Oberon Alexander

Noor is a good friend and helped me with some technical difficulties on my WordPress website. I couldn't have made the progress I was hoping for with out him! Thank you!

Heidi Jolynne Garrett


InJoy Designs helped me get my website off the ground! I've been creating my own websites for years, but was navigating some new software and really needed some professional help to get started.

Noor has a calm and clear presence and was able to offer a lot of sound advice. He created the skeleton of my site, and I was very pleased with the result. He listened to what I wanted and made some key recommendations, which inspired my creative process.

Having worked with Nila and Noor before, I can vouch that they are trustworthy and reliable, as well as graphically talented. Just take a look at their portfolio. Such beautiful and functional designs!

Georgia Simone


Nila has created beautiful pieces of artwork for my events and coaching programs and is currently working on a branding logo for my business. I would highly recommend her services - and actually, I do refer anyone who is looking for graphic design work to her. Nila is incredible to work with – very professional, friendly, and she truly cares about capturing the essence of your ideal.

Mary Rogers

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